Milk Bar Calf Buddy Starter Pack for Hutch Buckets (10-pack)

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Product Code: 900002

  • For Hutch Buckets.
  • Controls the speed of milk flow.
  • Comes with 10 Calf Buddy Grow Me Teats and 10 Calf Buddy Connectors.
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Product Code: 900002

For the Calf Buddy Starter Pack for Hutch Buckets, we collaborated with Hiko and used the hygienic and easy to use 1 Click system to connect the teat to a standard hutch bucket. Combining the 1 Click with the controlled flow Milk Bar™ Teat, gives the perfect solution for farms using hutch buckets! Healthier calves, easy to use! Calf Buddy Teats have a pull through design to sit snugly against the feeder wall for optimum hygiene. This is the most hygienic connection system, and with the 1 Click connection, it is also easy to change.

How to Insert a new teat:

  1. Connect the teat to the Calf Buddy™ Connector, making sure the teat and connectors line up.
  2. Pull the teat through the hutch bucket.
  3. Using an up and down motion, pull the teat through the bucket until you hear the ‘click’.
  4. Finally, be sure to check the teat alignment is correct and the slit is vertical!

Recommended Cleaning Protocol:

  1. Rinse your teats with water.
  2. Use a gentle detergent, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Do not use Chlorine/chloride based dairy detergents!
  3. Using a brush, lightly scrub the outside of the teats making sure to bend the teats. By bending the teats, any milk gets pushed back inside the feeder so the detergent can make contact with the inside of the teat wall.
  4. Rinse clean.


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Milk Bar Calf Buddy Starter Pack for Hutch Buckets (10-pack)
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