Milk Bar Plug (10-Pack)

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Product Code: 900109
In cases where there are fewer calves than teats on the feeder:
  • Utilize a Milk Bar Plug for the spare space instead of a Milk Bar Teat.
  • Use plug to fill space so teat can be used for another calf.
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Product Code: 900109
Sometimes you might have a group of calves that is smaller than the number of teats on the feeder. Instead of using a Milk Bar™ Teat you can pop a Milk Bar Plug into the spare space and save the teat for another calf. From inside the feeder, place the plug in the teat hole, and screw the blanking cap on firmly. No need to remove the plug for cleaning, wash your feeder as usual with an non chlorinated alkali detergent. Comes in a pack of 10.


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Milk Bar Plug (10-Pack)
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