Milk Bar Ezi Lock Hook Set

$22.65 excludes taxes

  • Product Code: 950200
  • 2 Red Hanging Hooks
  • 2 Black Loading Catches
  • 2 Bolts
  •  For all grey Milk Bar Feeders
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Product Code: 950200
The Milk Bar Ezi Lock Hook Set is really easy to fit to your feeders. 100% bunt proof, even big calves cannot knock the feeder off the rail. They can be flipped upside down to fully drain. The leader in hooking systems for calf feeders! Replaces Ezi Lock Hook Sets for all of the grey Milk Bar Feeders.

From inside the feeder, unscrew the bolts that hold the Ezi Lock Hooks in place.

  1. Insert the new Ezi Lock Hook.
  2. Secure the black locking catch with the spring loaded bolt.
  3. Secure the End Cap to the end of the hook shaft.

Your Ezi Lock Hooks are now ready to use!


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Milk Bar Ezi Lock Hook Set
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