Milk Bar 3 Compartment Feeder

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Product Code: 912200
  • Great for training pens or smaller groups.
  • Feeds up to 3 calves.
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Product Code: 912200
Fantastic for training calves, for feeding calves till weaning or for a sick bay. The feeder interstacks so you can carry as many as you need. Fitted with Ezi Lock Hooks which secure the feeder to any rail or gate up to 75mm wide. Compartments hold 2.5L and the overall volume is 19L. Fitted with Milk Bar™ Teats to control the flow and improve digestion.

How to Use:
With Ezi Lock Hooks you can hang this feeder on anything from wooden rails to hutch gates. Simply hang the feeder in place, lock the hooks and fill with milk. After feeding you can either remove the feeder, or flip it upside down until the next feed. To give your calves the best drinking position, hang the feeder on a rail around 100 cm high. This puts the teat at 60cm which is the optimum height for calves and helps the oesophageal groove to close and milk to bypass the rumen.

How do I change my teats?
Milk Bar™ Teats have a pull through design to sit snugly against the feeder wall for optimum hygiene. However, while this is the most hygienic system, it can also be difficult to change teats! Use a Teat Tool: This is by far the easiest method. The purpose designed Teat Tool plucks the teat from the feeder with minimal effort in seconds. Pull the teats out by hand: When removing by hand, make sure to either pull the teat directly down or up. If you try to pull the teat straight out, it will be a tough job! Cut the teats out: Make sure the blade is sharp and you use the knife away from you. Be sure to check the teat alignment is correct and the slit is vertical!

Recommended Cleaning Protocol:
  1. Rinse your teats with water.
  2. Use a gentle detergent, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Do not use Chlorine/chloride based dairy detergents!
  3. Using a brush, lightly scrub the outside of the teats making sure to bend the teats. By bending the teats, any milk gets pushed back inside the feeder so the detergent can make contact with the inside of the teat wall.
  4. Rinse clean.


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Milk Bar 3 Compartment Feeder
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