Milk Bar Feeder Lid

$10.62 excludes taxes

Product Code: 962501
  • Say goodbye to flies, straw and shavings getting into your feeders!
  • Fits the Milk Bar 4, Milk Bar 6, and Milk Bar 5EL.
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Product Code: 962501
This Milk Bar Feeder Lid fits the Milk Bar™ 4, Milk Bar™ 6, Milk Bar™ 5EL models. Crafted with precision, this lid not only snugly clicks into place but also boasts two sliding catches for customizable tension adjustment, ensuring a secure fit tailored to your preference. Equipped with a convenient site glass, effortlessly monitor milk levels at a glance, streamlining your feeding routine with efficiency. Additionally, its ergonomic handle adds a touch of convenience, facilitating easy handling and transport. Say goodbye to unwanted pests as this lid acts as a reliable barrier, effectively keeping flies at bay, ensuring the freshness and hygiene of your milk supply. Elevate your feeding experience with this indispensable optional extra, designed to enhance functionality and peace of mind.


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Milk Bar Feeder Lid
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